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Patience, learning behavior, skill with camera, lighting, the elements of weather are all important factors while shooting birds. These birds are ethically photographed, I do not use "Playback" or other means to draw them in. According to the Audubon Society playing audio clips of songs and calls can be detrimental to birds and their chicks. I am an advocate of ethical photography making sure I capture them and their behaviors as authentically and conscientiously as possible. This is a collection photographing unique stories in time. I hope to bring you into these beautiful moments that I captured for you.
AttitudeLizaMr WonderfulShow OffNest BuildingBalancing ActCourageMale Spoonbill Breeding ColorsReddish Egret In The WindBlue Heron ReflectionBlue Heron DanceOn The Move 2On The Move 1On The Move 3I Feel PrettyBlue Heron LandingMorning TreatUmbrella PoseEgret ReflectionBringing Stick

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