My passion is photography.

I love taking pictures that tell a story. Stories that make people smile or warms their hearts.

I also love creating digital art, turning photographs into fine art that can resemble paintings.


For note cards, I make themself. Please email or call me directly. Set of 6 note cards blank inside, $27, single cards $4.00 with a minimum of 6 single cards, plus SC sales tax, shipping and handling or local delivery from me.

For more information contact me at 860-287-6048 or [email protected]

Catherine Thiem Photography is the place to be.

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  • Photographic Society of America
  • Photography Club of Sun City Hilton Head


  • Art League Hilton Head
  • Society of Bluffton Artists (SOBA)



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During most of my adult life, I was too consumed with work, family, and those normal life obligations to nurture my creative side. I was able to retire early from my career as a dental hygienist and opened a boutique in Connecticut. There, I needed to photograph my wares to feature online, so I enrolled in classes at the New York Institute of Photography, joined a photography club, and learned from seasoned professionals.


As I expanded my skills from capturing jewelry and accessories, I found my subjects in portraits and landscapes to birds and larger animals locally as well as during travels to Europe and Africa.

Pretty soon, I was winning awards at the local and state level, as well as two regional awards through the New England Camera Club Council. Born from a simple desire to take good photographs, I had begun to find my craft.


Moving to the Lowcountry seven years ago provided me with fascinating and beautiful subjects close to home: shore birds, tropical flora, and the ever-changing coastal landscape.

I’ve also learned that photography doesn’t end with the click of my camera’s shutter. When I return home from a photo session, the real work (and fun) begins with photo editing on my computer. There, I can often turn a simple photograph into eye-popping fine art.





My happy place is out in nature photographing, enjoying the sounds and smells of the forest or the sea. Whether it’s arriving at the crack of dawn to capture baby birds just waking up in their nests or lying on the wet ground for an hour so as not to appear a threat to shore birds that will eventually wander close, I feel a powerful connection to nature when talking pictures. I’m constantly better learning the habits of the wildlife I photograph to get closer to them without disturbing them. I can recognize the sound of a hungry baby chick and know the Ibis mother is flying in with food, and can tell a Cormorant is about to turn its head in response to a noise, which will allow me to capture the perfect profile.


My favorite photographs are those that tell a story—two herons exhibiting their mating ritual; a male wood stork bringing a twig to his mate, who then meticulously adds it to her nest; or a mother egret feeding her chicks. I hope my photos convey a story to those who view them.



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SOBA Society Of Bluffton Artists 29 Annual Judged Show

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Hasan Koçak(non-registered)
Hi... This website very beautiful...
Nakliyat Yapanlar
Great photographer, Awesome pictures, Follow your dreams and keep up the great work. Looking forward to checking out your pictures and page. Congratulations achievements
Steve Ryden & Louise Sola(non-registered)
WOW! Quite impressive. You have certainly captured and documented images of God's creations.
A treasure trove awaits you in the Low Country!!!
Your art and craft will be most welcomed by residents and visitor to this part of the world (So Eastern US).
Donna Doble-Brown(non-registered)
The website looks FABULOUS! Gosh, these pictures are great!
Love you!
Mark - W.H.(non-registered)
Absolutely stunningly beautiful photos Cathy.

I'm thinking of some pics of my lab. I'll give you a call.
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