I live in Bluffton, the South Carolina Lowcountry, where my wide variety of life experiences have led me to my current passion, nature photography.

After I retired from dental hygiene in California, I owned and operated a boutique in Connecticut. There, I needed to take quality photographs of my wares for online sales and bought my first digital camera. I soon discovered there was a lot more to take photos of beyond jewelry and womens clothing. I enrolled in classes at the New York Institute of Photography, joined a local camera club, acquired a mentor, and was soon winning awards at the local and state levels as well as the New England regional level. Born from a simple desire to take good photos, I had found my craft.  

I began shooting portraits of people and their pets, landscapes, and wildlife. I traveled with my cameras and took photographs throughout the United States and to Europe and Africa. I continue to take classes in photography and photo editing and study with other photographers and digital artists to continue learning and advancing my skills.


My happy place is out in nature photographing. I strive to tell stories through my photographs, the mating ritual of great egrets, an osprey diving into the water to catch a fish, or a lone shrimping boat on a tidal river. My favorite subject is birds. I have studied bird behavior and learned to move slowly and deliberately, crouching, and laying on the ground to avoid appearing as a threat. As there is a limited time before the subject flies away. I have learned through trial and error to balance patience and spontaneity when shooting wildlife.

With recent advances in photo editing, I have learned that photography does not always end with the click of the shutter. I can use my photographs as a base, and then for using my imagination to create something more artistic. The computer is my paintbrush, and the fun begins when editing on my computer. Through photoshop and various programs I can eliminate distracting elements and create images that resemble paintings. I can combine several photographs into one piece of eye-popping unique art. Photography is as much a form of art as painting and poetry. I believe good art, no matter what the medium, tries to invoke a feeling in its viewers. My favorite photographs are those that tell a story.  

I hope my photos convey a story to those who view them.