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"Streets of San Miguel de Allende" Won Honorable Mention  March 2011"Windows of San Miguel de Allende" Won First Place & Honorable Mention Year End Award June 2011"Axe Factory", Won Second Place April 2011"Heublein Tower", Won Second Place April 2011"Hey Wait For Me", Wond Second Place  September 2011"Pretty Boy", Won First Place September 2011"Female Ruby Throated Humingbird", Won First Place September 2011"Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird", Won Second Place October 2011"Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird", Won Honorable Mention October 2011"The Mission" Won Honorable Mention November 2011"Cattle Egrit", Won Forst Place November 2011"Spotlight On Chrysanthemum", Won Honorable Mention December 2011"Dancing On Air", Won Second Place January 2012"Landing Zone", Won Honorable Mention January 2012"Drink of Weeping Cherry", Won Honorable Mention January 2012"The Portal", Won First Place February 2012"Enders Falls", Won Second Place Print Competition February 2012"Little Miss Sunshine", Won First Place February 2012"Old Hollywood Glamour", Won Second Place February 2012"The Look", Won First Place Print Com petition March 2012

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