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I realized not too long ago that I could create stunning art for my walIs rather than buy at the local store. Nature provides many an opportunity to photograph, but with that comes serious distractions. I found a way to combine several images eliminating distractions to create unique pieces of art. My computer is my paint brush, and my process starts with loading an image into Photoshop, where I use various software programs that gives me many background choices. The creative juices start flowing and my art is born. I hope you enjoy my unique art.
Eagle SunsetCardinal With A SplashMisty Morning Marsh 1Misty Morning Marsh 2Watercolor SunriseShrimpboat ArtistryMarsh SplendorWilbur WoodstorkIbis PoseHappyPink DasherRosie In The Sky With DiamondsBallerina In The SkyLittle Blue BeautyWhite Morph Waltz 1White Morph Waltz 2White Morph Waltz 3Big Red WaltzBeach BirdFeathered Friends 2

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